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While it is almost the holiday season, things may ramp up for businesses; however, employees may want to slow down. You must let your staff know you will support them during busy times when the workload is high. You can say, “I’ll be checking in with you regularly, sometimes three times a week and other times five. I aim to give you tips to help you shift your perspective and improve your productivity and output. I want to help you achieve the results that you deserve.” As you plan your business growth, it’s essential to imagine what it will look like in ten, twelve, eighteen, and twenty-four months. Do you have self-imposed limitations and sabotaging processes that are hindering your progress? Is your mindset contaminated with negative thinking? Understand that if you can make one sale weekly, you can make five or ten. And if you can make five or ten sales in a week, you can increase it to 15, 20, or even 30 weekly. As an entrepreneur, you cannot let negative thinking hold you back from achieving your goals. Instead, focus on supporting your team while developing your network. 

Grow Your Business

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It is interesting to note that the CEO of Starbucks and a single person running a rolling coffee cart on a street corner both spend the same amount of time dealing with personal issues, working, sitting in traffic, and answering phone calls. However, the difference between them is vast. While the CEO is a billionaire, the coffee cart owner barely makes enough. They have very little savings and almost no cushion, and any rough patch could cause them to go out of business. This constant worry is always in the back of their mind.

As part of my job, I manage investors, patents, and teams working on grants and telecare centers across 21 different divisions. Additionally, I oversee private pay, business development, reimbursement, and international operations, which entail collaborating with various manufacturers and strategic partners. Despite the difficulties, our company has achieved four consecutive years of hyper-growth and multiple years of triple-digit growth, an almost unheard-of accomplishment in this industry. This blog features articles about the best tools to accomplish this without stress or worry and with confidence. Building effective teams and networks while keeping them engaged requires a shift in perspective and specific tools.

Business Growth Priority

Okay, so what should be your top priority? The focus of today’s blog is on team building and networking. Getting your team on board with the mission is crucial, and making them feel involved is vital. Establishing a good rapport and serving them well is essential because they can help you attract potential customers. Effective communication is critical to achieving this. You must communicate what you are the best at and why people need your services. It is essential to understand your WHY and make it known to others.

For example, Electronic Caregiver Inc. provides daily remote care support and easy-to-use in-home technologies to individuals at risk, suffering from chronic conditions or disabilities, and caregivers supporting child patients and older adults. Early detection of health decline or complications is important, as it leads to prompt interventions, extending functional lifespan and improving quality of life. Our mission is a noble one. Can you tell others about your daily focus and mission?


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By the Numbers

There are five things that we’re doing at my company all the time:

  1. Better monitoring of health oversight and expedited response during emergencies or health exacerbations.
  2. Continual health coaching and assessments throughout the entire month so patients and carers are better informed.
  3. We keep people on track with their care plans, medication schedules, and other methods of maintaining their wellness and protecting their independence.
  4. We help alleviate and lift the stress, alleviate the confusion for patients and carers, and make self-care and care support more manageable and consistent.
  5. We provide better coordination and communication between patients, family caregivers, providers, and care teams.

Indeed you must tell people what you do. What does that look like? What does it sound like? Can they understand it immediately, feel a sense of urgency and want to get involved, buy the thing, or become an evangelist for your company?

Personal Sidenote

Significant sidenote towards success: I intentionally take care of my health. I’m spending time educating myself, reading, and filling my mind. I’m spending time with my family. We’ve got five kids with various activities going on. It takes two parents to get it all done. And I’m home every night, I am in bed early. Learning how to manage your mind is essential, but it’s equally important to learn how to manage your time. So, make sure to become proficient in time management. Doing so can elevate your sales performance to new heights next year. This will make the journey from your current position to your desired goal much shorter and faster. This article on GoDaddy about self-care tips for entrepreneurs has a good go-to list of reminders. I need to work on #14 a little more. 

Building the Network

Our services are primarily introduced through personal and professional recommendations and word of mouth. Our representatives stay connected with private citizens, family members, employers, neighbors, and a network of health, child, adult, and senior care service providers for private individuals. This enables us to provide the best care and support for those in need. As an entrepreneur, it’s crucial to identify your target market. In my case, I’ve established a network of individuals from various backgrounds relevant to our business. Who is your target market? It’s not enough to say that it’s the whole world. Determining who can benefit from your product or service is best. Only some can afford it, and only some are interested in it. Even if you think everyone needs it, it’s implausible that everyone can afford it and is interested in it. If you have a product everyone needs, wants, and can afford, then it’s safe to say that you have the only business in history with such a unique advantage.

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Many in our community have friends, family members, coworkers, or neighbors who are at risk or acting as informal caregivers, which can be very stressful. However, working together makes a significant difference in their lives. By networking and advocating for care and lifespan, we extend functional lifespan, save lives, and improve quality of life. So, I ask them to be our advocate in their community. Moreover, if they recommend our services to someone who becomes our client or partner, we have some great incentives to offer as a token of appreciation. We work together to impact the lives of those around us positively.

Business Growth and Connections

Additionally, I always want to ask, “Can I get you connected”? I always ask people if I can connect them to my company’s social media and include them in our email outreach. In my network, I became an extension of my business to improve health outcomes, extend lifespan, and save lives. It leads to enduring client-patient retention. In addition to helping clients, patients, and carers, I deliver a revenue stream that can be leveraged to grow other parts of my business. It’s always important.

It can be very beneficial to receive referrals from many people, even if each referral only brings in a small amount of money. Sometimes, people may not realize how much value they provide by referring eight, ten, or even fifteen potential clients in a month. It’s important to remember that every referral counts, even if the number of referrals varies significantly between individuals.

Sometimes, one introduction to our salespeople can lead to 80 or even 120 new customers from an assisted care or independent care community. However, the initial impact may seem insignificant for individuals with lower volume. If you can, help them consider that the benefits they receive can help them improve the care and retention of their clients, thereby enhancing their overall experience, health, and outcomes. Additionally, they may leverage the money gained to grow their core business, which they are most passionate about. This results in a significant win for both parties.

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Also, it’s important for things to make sense and be presented in the proper context for people to understand. The way you deliver your message plays a significant role in achieving this. If your business offers a product or service that could benefit other businesses, list all the potential businesses that could benefit from it. We keep our stakeholders informed about our company’s current events, which helps increase revenue. Additionally, we add revenue streams to other providers to complement the improved health outcomes and better health plan adherence of their patients.

Expand your Business Growth Possibilities

Expanding your referral network is one of the most critical aspects of your job. You must actively promote the benefits of referring and engage with potential referral sources to build stronger relationships. Your goal should be to sign new partners by contacting new referral prospects daily. You must also teach them how to use your materials and literature to generate leads and potential orders. Educating and inspiring people about the benefits of referring can increase the number of referrals and ultimately benefit all of the referral sources involved.

Remember this tool in making your message clear and practical; it is essential to identify your top three benefits and ensure they are fantastic and agreeable to everyone. This will help you create a story that resonates with your audience and establishes your WHY. So, take some time to think about your story and its key benefits, and ensure that you know them well. And remember one day, you will look back and be glad you took the steps for solid business growth. 

Build by Teambuilding and Networking

To conclude, educate your team on effectively communicating using your words and materials. Demonstrate to them the skills required for being a good storyteller, including making introductions and networking. Lead by example in your company by positively impacting your community. The path to building your business growth, a high income, and achieving true financial freedom is straightforward. Start by building a strong team and network within your industry. Yes, it can be challenging, but it is worth it, so stick to it. 

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