-Anthony Dohrmann

In 2022, an estimated 70,000 people were victims of romance scams, resulting in a shocking loss of $1.3 billion, a 164% rise from 2021. Since 2020, Americans have lost $3.3 billion to these scams. According to an AARP report, the most common scam in 2023 is the cryptocurrency romance scam, also known as pig butchering. Scammers create fake apps that display data to their victims, convincing them of their “investment growth” while simultaneously stealing their funds.

Scammers looking for potential victims create profiles on varied platforms and initiate contact or wait for someone to contact them. Once they find a target, they engage in conversations. They build trust before scamming victims, causing emotional distress and financial loss. They often request payment through wire transfers, prepaid cards, gift cards, or Bitcoin ATMs.

Having personally experienced the invasive effects of having my likeness stolen and used in romance scams, I understand the devastating emotional and financial toll this imposes on victims. I am determined to ensure no one else falls victim to such heartless manipulation on social media. Everyone should be armed with the tools to identify and thwart the advances of scammers.

My team at Electronic Caregiver and I are committed to fighting against individuals who exploit genuine emotions for personal gain. We have joined forces with Advocating Against Romance Scammers (AARS), a valuable resource promoting a safer, more compassionate digital world. Together, we are working to combat the threat of romance scammers and making significant progress.

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    Learn more about the Annual World Romance Scam Prevention Day

    Electronic Caregiver, Match Group, AARP, and InfraGard were proud to sponsor the Inaugural World Romance Scam Prevention Day on October 3, 2023.


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    If you believe someone has used images of Anthony Dohrmann to scam you, please contact us for assistance and guidance.

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