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Electronic Caregiver Ranks No. 969 on the 2023 Inc. 5000 List!

Hello, I'm Anthony Dohrmann —

Hello, I'm Anthony Dohrmann —

an inventor, entrepreneur, aviation enthusiast, and father based in Las Cruces, New Mexico. I am dedicated to building groundbreaking ventures, expanding knowledge, and strengthening my faith. This journey began at 17 with a landscaping business, evolving to co-found Gold Coast Security in the 1990s. By 1999, I launched LaserShield, the first plug-and-go monitored security system. Electronic Caregiver Inc. represents a significant milestone in my career. We’re transforming healthcare through smart home solutions, partnering with tech giants like Dell Technologies, Google, and Amazon. Our flagship creation, Addison Care™, turns homes into Smart Health Homes, while Connected Care+ bridges the provider-patient gap. Over the years, I’ve gained invaluable insight through an action-oriented life filled with responsibility and unique challenges. My faith has been a constant guiding force, reinforcing my unwavering belief that God’s plan is better than my own. I’m blessed to work alongside an amazing team of industry experts and visionaries whose dedication fuels our shared commitment to progress, enabling us to push boundaries and improve lives with each breakthrough.


Electronic Caregiver Lab


FEBRUARY 2009 – Present

As the founder and inventor of Electronic Caregiver and Addison Care, the only true Virtual Caregiver for population health and long term care support, Anthony has led the development of world-changing technology. This breakthrough includes interactive technology experiences and long term chronic disease management and solutions for the active aging and their caregivers. Electronic Caregiver is a fast-growing, nationwide organization with scheduled international expansion.


MARCH 1999 – Present

Anthony Dohrmann, LaserShield inventor, created an innovative security intrusion system to provide affordable burglary protection to renters, small business owners and single-family homeowners. Anthony created nationwide distribution and numerous line and service extensions for LaserShield.

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