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a man sitting in a suit at a desk thinkingLeave your job?

If you leave your job and decide to be your own boss, the risks will be higher. You must be the chief evangelist for every aspect of the business, including the capital, the marketing, and the inside administration. It would be best if you counted the cost before you decide to be your own boss.

Count the Cost

#1: Maintaining an enthusiastic culture, it’s essential to keep everyone motivated. Trust in people’s commitment to follow through with their promises, and ensure to follow through on yours.  As the boss, it’s wise to plan carefully, take calculated risks, and keep the momentum going without losing steam. And don’t forget to take deep breaths along the way.

#2 No doubt. As you strive to persuade others, your efforts can snowball from a few individuals to a crowd of hundreds or even thousands. Unfortunately, there are those who will attempt to undermine your ideas, products, or services by firing arrows of criticism and negativity. In some cases, your rivals may even masquerade as sincere consumers to tarnish your reputation.

It’s crucial to develop discernment and distinguish between genuine feedback and malicious attacks. However, when you’re fully invested and delivering exceptional service to your customers, you’ll find it easier to keep pushing forward and focusing on those you are positively impacting.

#3: As the boss, integrity is a vital trait that one must possess. To maintain the trust and loyalty of a team or a stockholder, one must be trustworthy. Lack of integrity will lead to losing the support of vendors, significant customers, and end-users. It’s crucial to keep one’s promises, exceeds expectations, and set a positive example as a leader.

And keep counting

#4: To be successful, it’s crucial to listen attentively and be open to input and advice. However, it’s important to be discerning about whose advice to heed. There is a multitude of personalities out there, including those from prominent companies, Ivy League schools, career-driven individuals, persuasive speakers, and charismatic presenters. However, it’s possible for them to struggle with execution. It may take several months to gauge their ability to deliver on their promises.

#5 You must be willing to lose time. If the delivery from that staffer is not made on time, you risk losing a significant amount of time and attention from your audience. You may have to repeat the process of finding a new candidate, which will further delay your progress and productivity. The investment is worth it when you find those who work like a well-oiled machine and get the things done.

Woman staring out the window and wondering if she should become the boss of her own company

Conflict resolution as the boss

As an entrepreneur, there are costs associated with being your own boss, which can be found left and right. It takes more than just being a people person to succeed in this role. Conflict resolution skills are also essential. A great managerial skill is to bring people together, listen to their perspectives, and encourage each of them to understand the other’s situation, priorities, pivots, shifts, and pressures.

It’s crucial to get the employees to see things from each other’s perspective. After this process, they usually leave as friends and are ready to collaborate once again. However, the process can be challenging, depending on the characters and personalities involved.

I have noticed that entrepreneurs tend to avoid dealing with toxicity, instead opting to get angry, shut down, or ignore the problem in hopes that it will disappear. However, toxicity is like poison and always causes damage, leaving pits in the finish of your financial vehicle. I am always looking for effective solutions to these issues.

Step back while being the boss!

Sometimes, taking a step back when being the boss can provide you with valuable insights for problem-solving. However, there may be occasions where staying up late is necessary. Perhaps you have a project that demands your attention and requires a significant amount of time.

If you have a tendency to work excessively and consider yourself a workaholic, you may encounter problems down the road. Neglecting to attend weekend soccer games, failing to spend time with your partner while they cook, or not incorporating domestic activities into your life outside of work can lead to unforeseen issues. It’s important to maintain a healthy balance between work and personal life to avoid potential pitfalls.

Entrepreneurship can sometimes lead to arrogance. The feeling of power and a growing identity can be overwhelming. One may feel like, as the President, CEO, or even the Chief Marketing or Technology Officer that your desires should take precedence over all other employees. It’s easy to take credit for everything and feel like, “I did this!”

So what about you? All of you?

As I read about the experiences of entrepreneurs, I often come across stories of their tireless dedication. Some even work through the night, only to start again in the early morning. While being an entrepreneur certainly has its challenges, hard work also has its victories. Business development requires unwavering focus and commitment.

In their article about work-life balance, positive psychology wrote, “The desired outcome for WLB is one where we feel satisfied and have the necessary resources to function optimally in multiple domains.”

Nevertheless, it is equally important to take breaks and recharge, to care for yourself both physically and mentally. Perhaps most importantly, honesty with oneself is key. If a task cannot be accomplished in five days, it’s unlikely it can be done in seven.

The family matters of the boss

Maintaining a healthy balance between work and personal life is essential to avoid possible pitfalls. For those who are single, spending time outdoors can be advantageous. Reading materials unrelated to business and performing everyday tasks such as putting away dishes and vacuuming the floor can be beneficial. Take a moment to feel the grass beneath your feet and let your toes interact with the earth. As an entrepreneur, it’s critical to stay grounded, or else the horse of success might throw you off your human seat.

It’s important to maintain focus on what truly matters and not let the pursuit of success lead us astray. Our obligations can often be demanding, causing us to lose sight of our priorities. The pressure of fulfilling commitments to investors, staff, and customers can become overwhelming, but it’s crucial to prioritize the well-being of those around us and not sacrifice it in the pursuit of success.

Be the whole person, not just the boss

Our loved ones, including kids, spouses, and parents, deserve to be prioritized above all else. It’s important never to let our personal goals overshadow the importance of those who support us through our toughest times. I’ve seen firsthand how business owners who neglect their families often end up feeling unhappy and unfulfilled. They regret not spending more quality time with their loved ones and having meaningful conversations. Remember, it’s possible to achieve personal success and still make time for the people who matter most.

man on the beach laughing while playing with a baby as a boss

So take a break, drive that sports car with the top down, blast the music, and cherish the moments with those who love you most. At some point, go lay on the beach with your loved one and read. Get some wooden blocks and play with your toddler. Be of service to other people. Remember, it’s easy to deprioritize their needs.

Therefore it makes sense that pretty soon, you feel like your family at home doesn’t know you, and all you want to do is get back to the office where you feel known and understood. And your false identity will not be the identity you end your life with.

Great advice matters. Acting on it as the boss is a choice.

I’ve noticed that my wife seems to have surpassed me in many aspects, particularly in time management, prioritization, and completing tasks. Her advice to disconnect from work and technology when spending time with family is spot on and applicable to everyone.

By setting aside time for yourself and your loved ones, you can rejuvenate and be more present in other areas of your life. Engaging in simple activities like reading or playing with building blocks can also bring immense joy and satisfaction. Furthermore, extending a helping hand to others can be a gratifying way to contribute to the community.

When it’s all said and done

On our deathbed, all we’re going to care about are the close people we love, family, and friends. People who love and need you will be at the top of your thoughts. And all those regrets! Missed-managed priorities and lost moments in time that can never be recaptured create anguish, and those who want to take their last breath and cast their spirit out think it might be trapped forever in the net of that anguish. It’s simple. I used to think you had to work a certain number of hours and a certain number of weekends.

And when you’ve balanced your family life, you can focus on preparing for the workweek guilt-free and still have a little time to breathe. But structure it. Control it. Take accountability for it and manage it like you manage your business. Because if you can’t manage your personal life, that might be a close intimate two or three or four people, how will you manage five hundred shareholders or five thousand customers?

Go ahead and be the boss!a boss appearing to be rolling a huge stone up a small hill

To become a good boss, it’s important to take certain steps. Firstly, count the cost of your decisions. Secondly, hone your conflict resolution skills. Thirdly, take a step back when necessary. Fourthly, prioritize taking care of yourself and your family. Fifthly, be intentional in your actions. Seek advice from wise advisors and apply their suggestions. Lastly, always remember your life priorities.

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