Successful Steps as an Entrepreneur

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The past few years have been an extraordinary period of growth and corporate refinement in my business. Sometimes as a leader, a CEO, or an entrepreneur, it can be too easy to keep looking ahead.

The next deal, the following product, the subsequent success, the next goal; it’s how we are hard-wired. But I have learned it is significant and integral to mark the achievements along the way. Remember the goals achieved. “Celebrate the wins!” as others might say. Indeed, this is how to take successful steps as an entrepreneur.

Marking the moments

Marking the moments is a significant part of the successful steps you will take as an entrepreneur. You think you will remember all of them, but if you do not document them, some will get lost on the journey. If there are many wins, you will forget some.

For example, within the past three years, my company assisted significant health systems and hospitals in managing Covid-19 and infected patients. Additionally, we helped five major European pro soccer teams owned by Red Bull keep athletes in training while remotely and continuously assessing the health of their teams, managers, coaches, and trainers.

We opened our Clinical Triage and Telehealth Services Center. Accordingly, we’ve hired more employees, including stellar leadership, to deploy good and profound new services. One of our biggest goals was to complete the forensic audit of our primary infrastructure and health enterprise platform with AWS.

Completing this process has now ranked us as capable, competent, and scalable as one of the world’s leading technology and service companies. We accomplished this goal, and our corporate value skyrocketed.

Talk About the Funding

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For the first time, we accessed the next level of institutional funding with multi-million-dollar commitments from our state to fund a significant expansion that virtually doubled the size of our workforce in less than 12 months. Consequently, our office was packed with banks planning financing to help us purchase the ECG Tower and fuel continued hyper-growth.

Technology like ours is catching up to augment growing remote telecare intermediary teams. The partnerships coordinate and close the gap across the extra-clinical environment. This supports the entire care circle, including the payers, providers, families, and patients. However, this takes funding. The growth requires financing. The development of all entrepreneurs’ successful steps involves funding. Mark the funding processes, good and bad, and learn from both.

Successful Steps for an Entrepreneur Require Collaboration

Cloud infrastructure, managed services, APIs, and new methods for interoperability, coupled with edge computing, voice, IoT, and visual sensing, have merged. Thereby this merger has created opportunities to deliver compliant, reliable, secure, scalable, and effective care models. It is an unprecedented time in history. However, the steps to success are not a solo trek. Communication, collaboration, and relationships are foundational. 

My company, Electronic Caregiver Inc., is leading in this effort to dominate the global extra-clinical care industry. We’ve made our first impact on that goal by combining a versatile array of patient-facing engagement and monitoring tools with intermediary remote care teams.

Steps Lead to More Success

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In fact, we can now evaluate a patient’s therapeutic response to care plan directives and medications in real-time. Our team identifies health anomalies and recovery rates and identifies the first sign of health decline. The CCTS Center staff intervenes early and more accurately to improve outcomes.

Additionally, non-adherence, which occurs mainly at home in daily living, is responsible for 50% of all treatment failures. We keep patients on track and supported with continuous monitoring, increased engagement, and actionable, qualified data validated through virtual assessments. Also, we educate and coach the caregivers of our patients.

Successful Steps Also Lead to Future Goals

My company has decades of future expansion ahead, including international markets to open and products to release in health care, voice technologies, virtual assistants, and digitization solutions. As we advance, these solutions will be for homes, corporations, and entirely new human experiences in working and living with technologies. These goals all result from the successful steps of being an entrepreneur.

Our next immediate goal is to drive revenue and user growth and carry the company to a Wall Street IPO, followed by numerous international joint ventures and public company spin-offs.

The Road Ahead

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Finally, the road ahead is exciting for us, adventurous, filled with promise, and only possible because of our incredible, passionate, intelligent, committed, and growing team. Your road ahead can be exciting as well.

Accordingly, take every one of those entrepreneurial steps necessary to achieve those wins. Afterward, mark those wins, both small and significant. Document them, brag about them, and remember them as they launch you into your promise-filled adventure.

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