Do you sell well?

So, you’ve decided to sell?

To begin with, you’ve got to start by deciding and then planning. Where will you focus, and where will you set your minimum standards? How many orders will you reach daily, five days a week? And you will be getting that done; how? Because the combined answer to those questions is only the minimum of your potential. However, you have to choose to sell well.

Other people are selling

man talking on a phone with 'ask me what I do' on his t-shirt, phone and business card.

Other people are selling. People with less to offer are getting referrals at the exact places you can go and offer unique incentives. You have something nobody else has. You probably didn’t have to pay 40% to $50,000 for your geography, business cards, marketing supplies, lists, and mailings. If you did, you know the pressure to sell well, right?

Entrepreneurs are out there raising tens of millions of dollars to ensure they can have the privilege of offering a solution to a potential customer. Don’t lose the significance of that. Even more so, have a personal breakthrough. Set yourself up with a new vision and a new standard.

Remember the points to selling well

Initially, you might say, “I don’t have that personality, can’t say those words.” You can’t say them because you don’t say them, because you won’t say them, not because you can’t say them. To effectively tell them, you rehearse in private on your own. Maybe you’re thinking, “that sounds silly; that doesn’t sound like my personality. I can’t do it that way.”

However, you’re going to find that once you get to 30, 40, 50 times of repeating it, it’s coming out differently, and you’ll be saying, “I sound good. I sound intense. I got my modulation, my pause, my cadence, my gestures, and my expressions. I’m focused. I say it and can feel it and know it to be accurate so that I can mean it.

Focus on confidence, not fear

Thus, you’ll feel much more comfortable with selling when you’re more practiced and rehearsed, which helps grow you to be fearless. It’s almost always the language that hangs people up—the lack of a simple record and playback. In years of coaching and after running one of the biggest national seminar companies in the world, I recognize fear in sales a mile away.

girl looking at her computer while biting into a lead pencil

Those in fear couldn’t get their capital, couldn’t get their contracts, couldn’t get their executives, and build their teams. In fact, they couldn’t go out and sell the market, couldn’t build the bread-and-butter income, couldn’t get anything done. All because of fear. They wouldn’t do the simple, practical work of rehearsal and repetition. Wherever you put your attention, things will expand. When things expand, you will sell better and better. It’s that simple.

Only leads lead to closings

But wait, are you closing eight out of every ten appointments? You’re pretty good when you get the leads. Now think about how you could be better. And I don’t discount to get referrals. I ask for referrals like every other professional. Word of mouth, friends of friends, who else in their lives needs your solutions? So much so that it makes it easier to identify those potential customers. Consequently, we close many more people daily when we get better at getting these leads.

What are you working on?

What are you working on? If it’s procrastination or busy work, if it’s not income generating, it’s empty work. Are the sales low? Reset what you’re doing routinely. Because the best use of your time, your words, and your mind is to be able to compel other people with your ever-increasing communication skills.

Consistently spend your downtime learning what’s working for others in sales. What is helping them to sell better? I like this article on Indeed about twenty-seven sales best practices. Find similar articles, books, and podcasts. In today’s digital world, there’s no reason you can’t learn and get better. Get non-income-generating activities and wasteful things out of the way. You must decide and give yourself permission to sell well and win big.

A woman laughing while sitting at a desk in front of a computer Celebrate better sales

Do you want five times the increase in your income? Think about ten times increase next year. Exciting, right? So, stop limiting yourself because of fear or lack of vision. Find that mentor. Listen and learn from them. And then get out there and be in action and do it.

Passion, pay raises, and selling well

Lastly, we must get out there and project more passion into our market. We got to have a bigger vision. You have a solution to the problem in their current focus. Speak into that. Speak into that. And I think that you can have a personal breakthrough. Remember to practice. Make time to study. Choose financial prosperity. Give yourself a pay raise. It’s time to catapult yourself to a new level. Under those circumstances, you will see massive shifts in your confidence and sales numbers. Selling well will begin to become your norm.

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