Entreprenurial Fathers

Celebrating Entrepreneurial Fathers

Happy Father’s Day to all the Dads, especially the Entrepreneurial Dads balancing it all. Your sons and daughters are celebrating this week. We hope for a day (or a full weekend) of fond memories for those celebrating in person and sweet sentiments for those remembering a Father in Heaven. For some families, Father’s Day is really Mom celebrating a second Mother’s Day. She has stepped in to fill both roles. We are thankful for moms while we celebrate fathers, especially entrepreneurial fathers.

The commitment to becoming a dedicated father is tremendous. For some, it came unexpectedly; for others, after a big decision, but for all, it’s a new world of learning, caring, and discovering the fullness and depth of life that comes from the joy of family, especially children.

Commitment of Fathers and Entrepreneurs

The commitment to become a dedicated entrepreneur is also tremendous. As you may have read in some of my other blogs, self-care, diligence, unending energy, and compassion are all needed every day of every waking hour to move the ball closer to the end goal. But to do all of that while also raising a family well and loving the mother of your children? It’s a unique challenge that only entrepreneurial fathers can truly understand. To say it can be challenging is like saying rain is wet. That understatement of the year!

Those Other Fathers

Father’s Day is a good day to love Dads, stepdads, like-a-dads, Moms as dads, and entrepreneurial Dads who nurture both their natural and work kids to the end. It’s all a big job, and no parent or entrepreneur is truly prepared. Just as each child is different, each business is as well.

Entrepreneurial Fathers

For most, Dad is a timeless, energetic provider, always in motion. Dads are a rock and foundation, a safe space, the ones with answers and lessons about perseverance. They model for their children integrity, compassion, generosity, standing up for yourself, knowing when to let go, and knowing how to grow up with good character.

Fathers face many challenges, setbacks, rebellions, battles, and victories, many of which involve their children. But despite it all, they continue on, faithful, determined, always prepared, and hoping for a prodigal to return. Their resilience and determination are truly inspiring. So, celebrating fatherhood is definitely in order.

The Requirments of Fathering and Work

Parenting requires a lifetime of introspection, personal growth, and reinvention. It’s a quest for perfection that can never be achieved. Virtually every parent finishes the job having felt they fell short, wishing they had done more or done more differently.

Entrepreneurship requires daily observation, anticipation, intervention, and coordination, all things that being a parent can teach a man to do better. Older successful entrepreneurs note the impact their children have had on their work journey. And the children with children can now relate to just how heartfelt, amazing, terrifying, uplifting, remorseful, joyful, sad, incredible, exciting, painful, and indescribable parenting is.

The Younger Fathers and Entrepreneurs

Younger entrepreneurs are walking the floors at night with a colicky baby and dashing out the door to meetings and teacher conferences. They are doing their best to balance their baby at home with their baby at work. They are beginning to now understand how taxing, scary, yet amazing both journeys can be.

In my blog, Entrepreneur Self Care, I examined the significance of taking care of yourself as an entrepreneur, and that is only enhanced if you are also a father. I explained that if we are off of our game, it can definitely negatively affect our company’s culture, and being off can also negatively affect our home environment.

Commonalities of Fatherhood and Entrepreneurialism

Entrepreneur fathers also face many challenges, setbacks, rebellions, battles, and victories. Some of those things occur in the matter of their employees, partners, suppliers, and the very industry they are attempting to break out into.

Consequently, with many children under the roof and projects on the whiteboard, entrepreneurial Dads live and grow in very dynamic, ever-changing environments. However, the unique role of entrepreneurial fathers in their children’s lives is something to be celebrated and cherished.

Celebrating Your Fatherhood

However, to you dads who are a bit short on the task or a bit long with work, remember that your patience is a virtue, forgiveness reigns, and it heals the heart—yours and theirs. Recently, times have been challenging in parenting and in business, yet onward, we charge, Dads!

For all those who stepped up, whether by nature, nurture, or both, have a terrific 2024 Father’s Day. Enjoy your day, and celebrate your fatherhood, entrepreneurial fathers! See you back at the grind on Monday.

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