Partners 4 Life!


Above all else, at The electronic Caregiver Company, we make a profound difference for families and the lives all around us as we become partners 4 life! We’re a proactive group of citizens who support and help each other prevent grief by watching out for at-risk family members, loved ones, the aging and ill.

First of all, we work together with dealers, staff, suppliers, and other healthcare providers to improve quality of life, extend independence, reduce risks, cut medical costs and make sure everyone in-need has the smart protection to thrive.

Electronic Caregiver Partners 4 LIfe

Partners 4 Life!

Secondly, as a team we learn together, stay informed together, laugh together, cry together, triumph together and encourage each other. Since we are a team, we prosper together while helping save lives and bless the families we care about.



We’re interviewing Master Dealers in key cities to develop the next 100 Electronic Caregiver Markets. We are interviewing for a limited amount of time.

Each Master Dealer receives a cash bonus incentive that renews each month, cash activation bonuses paid every week and accruing ongoing gift and travel incentives. Subsequently, long term monthly overrides are paid on customer services for customers originated by the dealer and their developing sales networks.

In addition, recurring monthly overrides are paid for the life of every subscriber’s service plan. Our Master Dealers become our partners in every customer, earning equity in every sale.

Also, we provide ongoing back office support, demonstration kits, direct sales marketing materials, training. We also offer bonuses, sales overrides, and a percentage of all business developed. The only investments required are time, effort, integrity, sincerity and accountability.

Could we become partners 4 life?

If you love to talk to and network with people, if you’re ambitious and  feel empathy and concern for the aging and ill, perhaps you should be one of our next leaders.

The Electronic Caregiver system is the best medical emergency response system in America. Therefore, becoming an ECG Dealer provides the freedom to set your own hours.  And, you will have the opportunity to save lives and improve it’s quality for so many.

ECG offers comprehensive training and our dealers don’t require any medical education. Startup with only a phone, a computer, and a stack of business cards which we provide! We will send you the rest. Our Business Development Team is ready to help you start your own business.

No other home health automation company or medical alert company on the market today has the successful business model that we offer our Master Dealers. And not everyone who applies is accepted.

Find out all about The Electronic Caregiver here:

 Finally, find out how you can become a HERO to your friends, your family, your neighbors and your community. Answer the call and those at risk will be grateful you did. Come learn more about becoming a Master Dealer right here at ECG Hero:


The Electronic Caregiver…We save lives other systems can’t

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