Home safety and security is at the top of the list of importance for most families in the United States. Families want their members to be safe and sound in their environments no matter how humble. As certain as that is, it’s amazing how many people, when asked if they have a home security system, will say “No, we have a dog.” Really? Home security has gone to the dogs!

When you decided to bring that animal into your home as part of your pack, did you explain to him or her that your security and safety was the reason? Of course you didn’t! There are plenty, but for sure 5 reasons your dog shouldn’t be your security system.

Chances are you brought this adorable little thing home because you fell in love with it and it was so cute and you, or your spouse, or your children “just have to have it!” And we don’t blame you. We might have two or three or four of our own at home. But not once, when each of them became part of our family did we intentionally adopt them to be our home security system! And you shouldn’t think of yours that way either. If they protect you in a pinch, that’s a perk. But it’s no reason not to have a home security system for your family and your dog.


Home Security has gone to the dogs!

5 Reasons your dog shouldn’t be your security system

Here’s our five reasons why:

  1. Your dog trusts you to take care of him

Psychology Today says  “Now, what about the trust that our companion animals have in us? Their wide eyes that pierce our souls tell us clearly that they just know we’ll always do the best we can for them. I find it easiest to think about dog trust in terms of what they expect from us, their innate, ancestral, and deep faith