Electronic Caregiver Saves Lives

Anthony Dohrmann Creates Nights to Remember

Electronic Caregiver Saves Lives and ‘A Night To Remember” is a series of events across the country hosted by The Electronic Caregiver Company.  We show our attendees this medical alert system developed to help Senior citizens to help them stay in their own homes as they age.


The Electronic Caregiver is more than a medical alert system. ECG provides a quality product and an exemplary service, created by people who understand it’s significance. Our loved ones need or have needed quality intervention and medical alert services.

We are sons, daughters, grandchildren and siblings of those who could have benefitted from this kind of system. As the ones who love them, we wouldn’t have provided them with anything less than first-hand quality, and we wouldn’t provide you with anything less than that either.


Electronic Caregiver Saves Lives

  Electronic Caregiver Saves Lives

The Electronic Caregiver is more than a medical alert system. It’s a health management and wellness support system. It’s also an environmental sensing for the home. Therefore, it is a system designed to help prevent those moments that can sadly lead to a seniors moving into a facility or even their death.

Anthony Dohrmann explains how Electronic Caregiver  Saves Lives:

The Electronic Caregiver:

  • Expedites response to medical emergencies and injuries
  • Supports compliance with prescribed medication regimens and treatment plans
  • Provides an early intervention that deals with concerns before they escalate to emergencies
  • Reduces mortalities, medical complications, hospitalization and long term care needs
  • Offers 24/7 physician-on-demand services that reduces physician office visits
  • Electronic Caregiver Saves Lives

Lastly, but most significantly, your loves one could use a quality medical alert system from a company that truly cares about it’s consumers so call us. Or you can go online to our website at www.electroniccaregiver.com and take a look around. We even encourage you to compare us against other systems! You’ll be happy you did and so will we. Because Electronic Caregiver Saves Lives that other systems can’t! Every. Day.






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