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Welcome to Anthony Dohrmann’s website!


Welcome to Anthony Dohrmann’s personal website!  I think about what might have brought you here today. Hopefully, you know me from one of my inventions and have enjoyed their benefits in your life. Perhaps you’ve heard me talk before at a trade show or convention and I made an impact on you. Maybe our paths crossed one day at an airport and you wonder where my travels have taken me. Or destiny has brought you a reminder that made you want to look up an old buddy.

No matter what your reason for coming here today, I’d like to sincerely thanks for taking the time to hunt down and visit my website. I hope that you find the site insightful and that the info provided here aids you in getting to know me a little bit better.


What I hope to Share With You About Me,
Anthony Dohrmann.


Foremost, I’m hoping to convey to you my obsessed advocacy for my products LaserShield and The Electronic Caregiver. I am the founder of both LaserShield & The Electronic Caregiver Company and am incredibly proud of both companies.


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The Electronic Caregiver


The LaserShield System


In addition to advocating, it is also necessary to me to supply you with channels to hook up with me. To provide you avenues where you can gain from my experience as an entrepreneur, turn around consultant, marketeer and speaker. Although you’ll see mention of my obsessed dedication to avionics, invention and writing, you will essentially find links to other sites I am launching to push my love of those interests.


Ways That You Can Benefit From My Knowledge TODAY, on Anthony Dohrmann’s personal website


I would like to inspire you to go visit 2 lines of life saving products that my groups and I have brought to market. The first is the Electronic Caregiver, which you can find out more about HERE. The Electronic Caregiver is the nation’s most complete medical alert and home safety system available today. The second is the LaserShield family of security systems, which you can find out more about HERE.

LaserShield supplies the leading-edge features and advantages of a typical monitored alarm system in an advanced and effective system that does the job right. I appreciate the time you have dedicated to getting familiar with me better, and thanks once again for visiting Anthony Dohrmann’s personal website!


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