Anthony Dohrmann’s LaserShield History

The Details

In 1999, Anthony Dohrmann’s LaserShield History began. Firstly, after years of working in the security industry, Anthony imagined the country’s first plug and go system. This system would provide great security for homes and small businesses alike. One by one the details of the first system would develop. It would be a tech forward product. The possibilities were motivating and exciting. It seemed there was nothing on the market to compare. The breakthrough for easier, simplified and complete had started.

Therefore ease of use, no costly hard wired installation required and adequate coverage would be very attractive to the market.  Mostly however, the chance to protect younger families, the elderly living alone as well as the infirmed, motivated his entire team.

Anthony Dohrmann's LaserShield History

Anthony Dohrmann explores  possibilities with LaserShield at a Tech Conference

The Redo; Anthony Dohrmann’s LaserShield History

After the completion of the very first LaserShield system, Anthony put the system through rigorous testing. He tested the system for quality, ease of use and efficiency. Certainly, market tests and users testing brought back helpful data.  Anthony knew it was a good product, but he wanted a great one.

He went back to the drawing board to tweak and re-tweak the system. He worked long hours on it until he knew he had a quality product. Anthony had to say “no” more than “yes” in those early years. He determined to balance quality and cost.

Rather than compromise, Anthony stayed the path for quality. Consequently, those were the major set of first steps that would lead to the actual, successful and popular LaserShield Systems of today.

The Future

The future of LaserShield Systems and it’s sister company The Electronic Caregiver Company look extremely bright. Families and small businesses all across the country are discovering the LaserShield System is easy, simple, and readily available.  Most noteworthy is that it also comes with a customer service support system beyond that of anything found with other companies.

Especially relevant, Anthony Dohrmann’s LaserShield History exemplifies the company’s desire to be quality product producing and friendly people helping. It’s part of the mantra of those who work for these companies. It’s one of the requirements to work for Anthony Dohrmann and it’s the end goal to the reasoning; better products, affordable and easy to use supported with beyond the pale customer service 24/7.

Finally, you can click on the link below for all the information about this quality system.

You will learn about the company and the people who care that you and your family are protected.



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