Anthony Dohrmann’s Five Security Hacks

LaserShield Security Life Hacks

Anthony Dohrmann’s Five Security Hacks are informative, essential and relevant to today’s busy lifestyle and home security needs. Anthony Dohrmann shares five ways to ensure your family and/or small business is safe and sound. Who wants to have a worry hanging over their heads when they are tending to life’s requirements?

Or, better yet, when trying to relax from those requirements? Safety and security is something that US families have a better opportunity to ensure than most other people. When a quality, easy to use and affordable system can be purchased one day, and fully installed the next, there’s no excuse.

Anthony Dohrmann’s Five Security Hacks

1. First of all, you need a professional grade, easy to install, easy to use system that is totally dependable. LaserShield Security systems are exactly that. There are no wires, electrical changes, or professional electricians required for install. It’s the worlds first top grade, ‘plug and go’ security system on the market. Remember those old wireless telephones? This system ‘plugs’ in easier than that. The basic system covers 1000 sq. ft. Additionally, There are orbs available to expand the coverage area. Professional Grade. Easy to use. Perfect.

2. Secondly, once your system is installed, and according to the installation directions, make sure it is on and running well. It never ceases to amaze us how many people have security systems but don’t ever activate them. When is the last time your family had a safety drill? A tool is just a paper weight if it’s not used properly. Use your LaserShield system! Once you get into the habit of having that peace, you’ll instinctively remember to ensure it is up and running properly. Turn it on!



3. Furthermore, you can take it with you! The LaserShield System was created to be mobile so that people on the go, renters and those who travel for their jobs can always protect their environment. What other system can say that?

LaserShield creator Anthony Dohrmann wanted to ensure that the system he offered could easily become part of various home environments. As a result, he designed it to be sleek. It should not be rocket science to protect your family and your property. And now, it’s not. Unplug it. Move it. You are covered as soon as you plug the system back in. Yes, it’s that easy. Therefore, the ‘hassle’ excuse just went out the window!

Ugly doesn’t fit the décor!

Anthony Dohrmann's Five Security Hacks

Anthony Dohrmann’s Five Security Hacks

4. Most noteworthy, it’s NOT ugly!  The LaserShield Security System looks like a small music speaker or an addition to a stereo system. It’s lean lines and silver finish makes it appear as if it is part of an entertainment system.

You’ve worked hard creating your own atmosphere and living spaces. It’s hard work making our spaces exactly the way we want them to appear. Some obtrusive security system interfering with the flow of a room is the last thing any of us desire. This system does not do that. Due to the fact that it is discreet and sleek, it fits in. It doesn’t overwhelm.

5. Most significantly however, is WHO’S answering your calls for help. LaserShield partners with Rapid Response. Rapid Response is the most dependable response company in the entire country. The operators at Rapid Response are fully trained in emergency response. They don’t read their interactions with you off of a flip card. They are experienced professionals. Consequently they know exactly how to guide you through an emergency situation. Every time.

In conclusion, Anthony Dohrmann’s Five Security Hacks provide simple reminders to engage the otherwise huge, and sometimes overwhelming security system market. You will find LaserShield Home Security Systems were developed with simplicity, ease and quality. Try it. You will not be disappointed!

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