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Foremost, Anthony Dohrmann’s Electronic Caregiver company knows there is a revolution of magnanimous proportions happening in the Medical Alert System industry! Cutting edge technology is allowing the developers of our Alert Systems to envision far beyond anything ever seen in other systems. Ever. And if that were not enough, due to  the 10,000 baby boomers turning 65 every day, now is the time to consider bringing your group on board to begin reaching out.

First, we would like you to consider putting our reliable medical management system into place for your parents.

Secondly, now is the time to reach out to your neighbors who could use just a little extra confidence in living alone.

Thirdly, the opportunity is prime to partner with Electronic Caregiver and make a huge impact to both your senior community and your own life.

Anthony Dohrmann’s Electronic Caregiver-Who are we?

The Electronic Caregiver is a plug-n-go system that provides 24/7 safety and health supervision. Consequently, it is recommended by independent living senior communities nationwide. It is also recommended by doctors, pharmacies, hospitals, insurance companies, and personal care homes.

The Electronic Caregiver:

  • Expedites response to medical emergencies and injuries
  • Supports compliance with prescribed medication regimens
  • Provides early medical intervention
  • Reduces deaths, medical complications, and facility use
  • Offers 24/7 physician-on-demand services that reduces physician office visits

How does one system offer so much so efficiently?

Anthony Dohrmann Requires Quality in the Electronic Caregiver

Anthony Dohrmann determined to produce an effective, efficient and above all, quality product to help Seniors age-in-place. For those reasons the Electronic Caregiver included these medical alert and health management features; ongoing diagnostics,  a quality console, medical concern button, an inactivity detector, wrist pendant, and 24/7 exceptional monitoring.

Self Diagnostic Tests & Reports:

Significantly, our ECG medical alarm systems have 24/7 self-diagnostics, which reports test alarm signals to the emergency response facility. Our customer service technicians receive reports detailing the results and monitors those for issues. Customers can have confidence the system is always working.

Quality Console:

Not to be overlooked, the Electronic Caregiver’s console offers a back-up emergency battery, 24/7 one-touch link to Medical Technicians, two-way hands-free communication, daily med-reminders, adjustable volume, and temperature monitoring.

Medical Concern Button:

Additionally, the Electronic Caregiver features a button that connects users to live communication with our Class-B EMT Operators. Customers can press this button at the earliest signs of danger or negative health symptoms. We inform every client that in the event of a condition they might delay addressing, such as trouble breathing, swallowing, chest pain, or abdominal pain etc., they should press the button immediately!

Inactivity Detector:

Incredibly, if a customer suffers from a heart attack, stroke, or a fall that knocks them unconscious, they may not be able to press a button. This sensor monitors the main area of a residence and looks for client activity between predetermined and selected times of the day.

But Anthony Dohrmann Couldn’t Stop There

Waterproof Emergency Wrist Pendant:


The Electronic Caregiver comes with an emergency wrist pendant with 1,000 feet of wireless range. Necklace alarms can snag on furnishings, affect stability and even cause a fall or neck injury. Our pendant is small, attractive, sleek, and comfortable to wear.

24/7 Medication Reminder:

The Electronic Caregiver is programmed to match each client’s  schedule, and reminds them to take medications, follow a treatment plan, test (blood pressure or blood sugar), and/or of important appointments. If the customer fails to acknowledge the reminder, we ensure they are OK. If no response is heard, a responsible party is notified immediately.

24/7 Emergency Response Center:


Our emergency response services are provided by a 40,000-square-foot facility with twenty years of service. Each operator is a licensed Class-B EMT. Each one also has a minimum of 2 years of higher education.

Also, we also offer packages that include a 24/7 tele-health services with access to physicians and nurses from the comfort of home.

Anthony Dohrmann Issues an Invitation

Anthony Dohrmann’s Electronic Caregiver program represents a new, non-regulated revenue opportunity.  It is not a government-designated health service. We do not accept reimbursements from state/federal healthcare programs. There are no regulatory challenges that prevent our partners from realizing profits.

We close the sale with free hardware for a monthly fee in a soft contract. Dealer members receive a one-time activation bonus and a recurring commission every month for each of their accounts. Dealers also continue receiving monthly revenue for the life of their customer’s account.


Anthony Dohrmann CEO  Electronic Caregiver

As a competent and attentive company, we produce cost-free patient benefits that include improved outcomes. We see extended lifespan and independence. And all of that results in hassle-free new revenue streams for our partners.

Consequently, you can join us in the crusade to keep Seniors safely aging-in-place. The possibilities are endless in this era of advancing technology in Medical Alert Systems.

In closing, just know that Anthony Dohrmann knows there is NO MATCH!

For those who trust us with their care, there is now, therefore no medical alert and health management provider in the industry that offers comparable benefits to the Electronic Caregiver program. The Electronic Caregiver Company invests heavily into our partnerships and  because of that we deliver an exceptional, reliable, caring, experience for patients.”

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