Anthony Dohrmann


Anthony Dohrmann’s Entrepreneurial Roots


Anthony Dohrmann (Tony) was born in 1966 in Marin County, California. He was raised in Southern California and currently lives with in Southern New Mexico. He is happily married to Ingrid and has five children: Cody, Jillian, Jacob, Joshua and Ethan.

Adopted and raised by his Stepfather, an accomplished public relations specialist, Anthony embraced entrepreneurialism at a young age. He began his first business in 1983 at the age of 17, a local landscaping and tree trimming business. During this period he also assisted a local security alarm contractor on weekend side jobs. In 1984, his interest in electronics and security grew and he took a full time job with Alarmson Security in the San Fernando Valley, in California. The business specialist on high volume security alarm sales to small businesses.

From ages 19 to 23, he began working his way up at a medium size residential and commercial high-end security business, California Security. Anthony moved from technical and installation services to sales, to developing inventory control systems, new marketing programs, and was ultimately promoted to General Manager, running the business for Founder Phillip Nordella.

California Security was sold to American Home Security where he remained to assist in the transition of subscribers during the acquisition. Based on his experience he continued to consult to the trade in a variety of areas including sales, training, marketing, alternative growth strategies, technology design, mergers and acquisitions. Anthony co-founded Lone Star Security, North Star Security, and in 1994 he founded Gold Coast Security. Gold Coast serviced mid- to high-end industrial and residential security applications. At Gold Coast, he developed innovative direct-to-consumer print, radio and television advertising campaigns. Anthony sold Gold Coast Security to DynaWatch, a division of Protection One, in 1997.


Growing In Business: Anthony Dohrmann


Coinciding with the security industry, Anthony began to apply his experience in business development, capital formation, business management and training to other industries. In 1995, prior to the sale of Gold Coast Security, Anthony began consulting to other entrepreneurs and industries, developing an accomplished public speaking and training business. He founded Income Builders of Los Angeles which he operated and expanded throughout Southern, California, offering ongoing consulting, and upscale, 7 day entrepreneurial business development seminars. In addition to operating offices in 3 cities, he was the lead recruitment and keynote speaker for national entrepreneurial training companies.

From 1995 to 2002, Anthony coordinated all sales, recruitment, event coordination and on-sight production for large, seven-day promotional events featuring elaborate, 32-crew member live productions and trainings. Anthony worked with some of the leading personal coaches and business trainers. He also has 14 years of experience training and speaking upon shared platforms with celebrity personalities and best-selling authors including Tom Justin, Mark Victor Hansen, Jay Abraham, Jack Canfield, Linda Chandelor, Wally Minto, Dr. Jerry Teplitz, Barry Spilchuk, T Harv Ecker, Joel Robert and Bob Harrison. Anthony has trained entrepreneurs responsible for launching over 1,200 businesses in just under a decade. Anthony is also the owner of Self Employed Magic, LLC (SEM), which produces educational materials for small and medium business owners and startup entrepreneurs.


Anthony Dohrmann: Founding LaserShield


With a rigorous national travel schedule, in March of 1999 Anthony invented a business concept for a product line called LaserShield. LaserShield was the world’s first plug n go, monitored security system designed specifically for mass marketing. From 1999 to current, Anthony, as a board member and officer of LaserShield, raised of more than $35 million in private equity and launched its products into Home Depot, CompUSA, Circuit City, Fry’s Electronics, Microcenter and numerous online retailers including and

In addition, Anthony set up mass production with two factories in Mainland China, and developed strategic relationships for distribution and light manufacturing in Mexico. Anthony started LaserShield as the sole employee and later expanded the company to more than 70 employees, 300 vendors and more than 1,000 points of distribution. LaserShield is currently one of only five national security companies that have sold and service clients in all 50 of the United States. Anthony promoted his products, including many personal appearances, featured on Good Morning America, The View, Montel Williams, Flip That House, Fox News, CNN, ABC News, Rush Limbaugh, Dr. Laura, Art Bell, Steve Harvey, NY Times, LA Times, Chicago Tribune, Wired and PC Magazine, Penthouse Magazine, and numerous others. He personally introduced LaserShield nationwide on QVC, the largest television marketing institution in the world.

In 2008, the market downturn struck America and the world. The first two national retail accounts for LaserShield were Circuit City and CompUSA. Both retailers succumbed to challenging economic conditions and did not survive. Home Depot slowed its expansion of new product entries and Anthony had to quickly anticipate the future, and design alternative distribution channels for LaserShield. He purchased a company that specialized in emerging security-related telecommunications applications, and direct-to-consumer wholesale monitoring. His vision was that discount services provided during a recession would be a viable direction for his company, and additional telecommunications applications would allow him to obtain a percentage of service revenues from other industry participant’s customers. At the same time, Anthony created national dealer conventions, creating a substantial national direct sales organization in just 120 days. The sales lost by retailer collapses were now being replaced by direct sales initiatives.

In May of 2008, after three years of frustrating poor performance and misreported expectations, LaserShield was forced to terminate it’s placement agent for obtaining working capital, and subsequently retained a new banking partner that focused on institutional financing. The former banker and placement agent suffered political set backs from their investors after being terminated by LaserShield, which was their best performing private-equity portfolio company. One of the disgruntled firm’s largest investors, also a large LaserShield creditor, was dismayed that the banking firm lost the business to a competitor. An ambitious effort was instigated by the placement agent to overthrow LaserShield management and take control of the corporation. By promising special incentives, the placement agent compelled cooperation from principles of a business recently acquired by LaserShield, and the company’s second largest creditor and equity owner, which unfolded into a vicious battle. Divided stockholders were uncertain about where to place their allegiance. Anthony was forced into an involuntary demotion and his trusted new partner, owner of the company he purchased, took his job as Chief Executive Officer. In protest, Anthony resigned from LaserShield, immediately founded a new company in health management and medical alert systems. Unable to accept the events at LaserShield, and as a result of his belief the company would be destroyed under newly placed management, Anthony went to work to organize LaserShield stockholders in an attempt to counter a corporate restructure. A proposed restructuring program initiated by new management would result in issuing a mountain of new shares to the former placement agent, their largest client, and their newly appointed CEO, to the detriment of 391 existing stockholders who risked losing 90% of their equity stake in the transaction.

Within 180 days it became apparent that the new CEO was unable to manage LaserShield. The business began to suffer immediate, skyrocketing customer attrition. Complex infrastructure and a large specialized staff was foreign to new principles. Anthony’s endless hours traveling to meet stockholders, and months on the phones, began to reverse the opinions of confused stockholders, including the largest investor and creditor who assisted in the takeover. In July of 2009 the acquisition was severed. The majority stockholders owning the lions-share of LaserShield invited Anthony to retake control of LaserShield, assess the damage to the business, and restore it to growth. In August of 2009, Anthony re-hired his former Chief Financial Officer and was told that LaserShield was in bad shape. It had lost a substantial amount of customers and revenue in just 180 days under the takeover team. Debt was elevated to $10.3M dollars and the company was suddenly in a fragile revenue position. The former CEO installed by the takeover team was now controlled the entire customer operating platform, hosted at his other company, and he was reluctant to cooperate. Anthony was told the business would not survive 60 days.

Within 8 weeks, Anthony and his associates inserted an operating platform created for another business. They tailored it for LaserShield and using innovative techniques with his technology team, he retook control of the customers on a new, more capable operating system. The skyrocketing attrition was halted within the first 2 weeks of his return. Anthony’s core team was returned to their posts and he went to work on debt. Within 24 months LaserShield was turned around under Anthony’s leadership. He eliminated $10M in outstanding debt and avoided the threat of a bankruptcy reorganization, which would have wiped out all stockholders. He reversed the restructure and restored stockholder private equity, relaunched dealer sales channels, produced new marketing campaigns and media, united former dealers and vendors, created expanded private labeled product and service offerings, and even enhanced technologies to allow LaserShield to pursue desired recession-lucrative business opportunities, without the expense of having to acquire another company. Over three years later Anthony is at no loss for energy, or passion for LaserShield.

Former customers have reactivated and new higher end services are now being offered to them. Both customer and public relations restored both stockholder and customer confidence. At the end of 2012, LaserShield is a going concern and growing. It services customers in all 50 US states. It is cash positive and survived for years on its own merit and revenue. It began its first recapitalization effort after years of now capital access, requiring less 10% less capital to support marketing campaigns, than formally anticipated. LaserShield is Anthony’s most amazing success story, challenging decades of his acquired skill, inspiring innovative methods to counter the bleak outlook and advice of legal teams and business advisors who said, “it cannot be done”. For 3 years, Anthony worked for LaserShield for free, drawing no compensation, and working other successful projects including LaserShield’s turnaround. Today Anthony will tell you, “it absolutely can be done with enough integrity, conviction, ingenuity and follow-through”. LaserShield is a well respected, national brand to be proud of.


Anthony Dohrmann: Founding of The Electronic Caregiver Company.


The business Anthony founded, The Electronic Caregiver Company, during the period he had resigned from LaserShield in 2009, has become a thriving operation. It collaborates through its sales programs with national third-party administrators, hospitals, physicians, pharmacies, medical equipment companies, home health agencies, insurance agencies, national senior housing operations, and direct sales networks.

The Electronic Caregiver products are the best-in-class for health management, medical alert and environmental home safety. The higher end nature of professional affiliates associated in healthcare obligated Anthony to reinvent his language skills, his knowledge, and the ability to navigate in a fast evolving, complicated healthcare system. Anthony developed an impressive system, infrastructure, and trained a remarkable and accomplished team. The Electronic Caregiver Company provides coordinated care plans for patients and the aging. The company saves lives year after year. Sensitive customers are often in rehabilitation for pulmonary, cardiac, stroke, cancer, severe diabetes and a variety of other conditions. Over 240 media outlets have highlighted The Electronic Caregiver Company.

If you’re looking for a company and leader that will never leave a customer, vendor, stockholder or team member behind, look no further than Anthony Dohrmann.