Anthony Dohrmann; Your Partner

Anthony Dohrmann is Your Partner

There is a revolution of magnanimous proportions happening in the Medical Alert System industry. Anthony Dohrmann is your partner, who wants to walk it with you! Cutting edge technology is allowing our developers to envision far beyond anything ever seen in medical alert systems.

Now is the time!

Now is the time to consider bringing your business on board to begin reaching out to some of the 10,000 baby boomers who turn 65 every single day.

It’s time to consider putting that top end, quality medical management system into place for your parents.

Definitely time to reach out to your neighbors who could use just a little extra security in their own homes.

And it’s the perfect time to partner with us and make a huge impact to both your senior community and your own life.

The Electronic Caregiver promotes the health, wellness and safety of consumers. It extends lifespan, reduces medical complications, preserves independence. It also delivers an immediate recurring revenue stream that lasts for years.

Anthony Dohrmann’s Electronic Caregiver- Who are we?

The Electronic Caregiver Company is a national health-safety company that provides services and technology that dramatically improves longevity, safety, and wellness. We provide the most comprehensive private-pay health management medical emergency system on the market.

The Electronic Caregiver is a plug-n-go solution providing 24/7 safety and health supervision and support. It is recommended by independent living senior communities nationwide.

The Electronic Caregiver is recommended by physicians, pharmacies, hospitals, home health providers, insurance companies, and personal care homes.

What do we do?

The Electronic Caregiver:

  • Expedites response to medical emergencies and injuries
  • Supports compliance with prescribed medication regimens and treatment plans
  • Provides an early intervention that deals with concerns before they escalate to emergencies
  • Reduces mortality rates, medical complications, hospitalization, re-admissions and long term care needs
  • Offers 24/7 physician-on-demand services that reduces physician office visits

Anthony Dohrmann offers amazing through the Electronic Caregiver

The Electronic Caregiver includes the following medical alarm and health management features:

Automatic Weekly Self Diagnostic and Telecommunication Tests & Reports

First of all, our ECG medical alarm systems have 24/7 self-diagnostics, regularly reporting test signals to the emergency response facility. Our customer service technicians receive reports detailing the results of these tests and monitors them. Members know the system is always working.

Institutional Grade Console

Secondly, the Electronic Caregiver’s Institutional Grade Console offers a back-up emergency battery, 24/7 one- touch Direct Link to Certified Class-B Emergency Medical Technicians. It also it offers two-way hands-free communication, daily med-reminders, adjustable volume, and environmental temperature monitoring.

Direct Link Medical Concern Button

Additionally, the Electronic Caregiver features a Direct Link Early Intervention Button that connects users via two-way voice communication with our Class-B EMT Operators. Members can press this button at the earliest signs of danger or negative health symptoms.

We inform every client if they experience trouble breathing, swallowing, chest pain, head pain, vertigo or abdominal pain, they should press the Direct Link Medical Concern Button.

Additional Amazing features include:

Dual-Watch Window Inactivity Detector

While some still can, some may not be able to press a button if they suffer from a condition such as heart attack, stroke, or a fall that knocks them unconscious. Therefore, this sensor monitors the main area of a residence and looks for client activity once between 5 and 10 am, and again between 5 and 10 pm.

Long-Range, 1,000-foot, Waterproof Emergency Wrist Pendant

The Electronic Caregiver* comes with an emergency wrist pendant with 1,000 feet of wireless range from the Master Console.  Our pendant is small, attractive, sleek, comfortable to wear, and water resistant.

Anthony Dohrmann is your partner in presenting advanced technology in medical alert systems

Anthony Dohrmann is your partner in presenting advanced technology in medical alert systems


24/7 Medication Reminder Service

Most noteworthy, the Electronic Caregiver is programmed to match each client’s medication schedule, and electronically reminds the client to take medications. It will send reminders to follow a treatment plan, treatment tests (blood pressure or blood sugar), or important recurring appointments.

The client acknowledges the reminder once it is announced. If the client fails to do so, an EMT operator will activate two-way voice communication to ensure the client is OK. The caregiver, family member or other responsible party is notified immediately if the client does not respond,


Anthony Dohrmann is your partner as we together, we keep them safe

Anthony Dohrmann is your partner as we together, we keep them safe

24/7 EMT-Staffed Emergency Response Monitoring Center

Our emergency response services are provided 40,000-square-foot monitoring facility. Rapid Response has two decades of uninterrupted service. Each operator is a licensed Class-B Emergency Medical Technician. They each have a minimum of 2 years of higher education.

We also offer packages that include a 24/7 tele-health services with round-the-clock access to physicians and nurses from the comfort of home.

Anthony Dohrmann issues and invitation

Anthony Dohrmann’s Electronic Caregiver program represents an attractive new, non-regulated revenue opportunity that keeps your members safe, living in their own homes longer, with increased confidence, safety and peace of mind.

We are not a government-designated health service. We do not accept reimbursements from state or federal healthcare programs. Therefore, there are no traditional regulatory challenges that prevent solutions providers from realizing profits.

We close the sale with the customer (free hardware/$49.95 per month/soft contract), you receive a one-time activation bonus and a recurring override every month for each account activated. You will continue receiving monthly revenue for the life of each of your customer’s Electronic Caregiver account.

We are issuing the invitation for you to join Anthony Dohrmann. He will be your best partner in this time-sensitive and fast paced movement into incredibly advanced medical alert systems for the future.

There is no medical alert and health management provider in the industry that offers comparable benefits to the Electronic Caregiver program. Neither to our partners, nor our customers. Our Master Dealers are a sales force to be reckoned with and are highly compensated for saving lives!

Your business + our business: Partners in saving lives

Consistently, the Electronic Caregiver Company invests heavily into our partnerships and delivers an exceptional, reliable, caring, experience for patients. We are a competent and attentive affiliate that produces cost-free patient benefits that includes improved health and wellness outcomes, extended lifespan and independence, and hassle-free new revenue streams for our partners and alliances.

Anthony Dohrmann is your partner in the crusade to keep our Seniors aging-in-place for as long as possible in each of their lives. The possibilities are endless but the timing is crucial in this moment of advancing technology in Medical Alert Systems.

Find out more about us at

You’ll be glad you did!

electronic-caregiver-logo We saves the lives other systems can’t!

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