Anthony Dohrmann; Entrepreneur


Anthony Dohrmann; Entrepreneur

Anthony Dohrmann Entrepreneur LaserShield

Anthony Dohrmann; Entrepreneur

Anthony Dohrmann, the entrepreneur who brought you LaserShield, has been an entrepreneur since 1983.

He has founded numerous companies from developing the business plans and capital formation, to electronic and firmware engineering.

He is no stranger to injection molding or domestic and overseas mass production. He’s finessed public relations, advertising through all mediums, e-commerce solutions, mass market television and retail marketing.

He’s even created call centers and partnered for monitoring services. Anthony Dohrmann Entrepreneur has experienced and mastered every facet of total implementation.

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And Financial Expertise

He is experienced in investment banking, accounting procedures, enterprise applications, mobile applications, and as an experienced operator.

If you ask his staff, nobody would choose to work for anyone else. In his business endeavors he has retained legal teams for intellectual property, medical practice management, securities, security industry, litigation and M&A. He has sat on advisory boards and boards of directors in the security industry, health management industry, aftermarket automotive and green energy.