Anthony Dohrmann

Anthony Dohrmann began his first business at the age of 17, a local landscaping and tree trimming business. From ages 19 to 23, he began working his way up at a medium size residential, and commercial high-end security business, California Security. Anthony moved from technical, and installation services to sales, to developing inventory control systems, new marketing programs, and was ultimately promoted to General Manager, running the business for Founder Phillip Nordella.

Since then, Anthony has taken several companies nationwide, implementing innovative service offerings and proprietary partner channel models while consistently capturing the attention of media nationwide. In diversifying and innovating through brands in the alarm industry, home health automation, and faith-based entrepreneurship training, he remains committed to the proven business model of providing recurring revenue services that are highly accessible to under-serviced markets.

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Anthony Dohrmann currently flies a twin turbine KingAir 200. He has over 1500 hours of flight time with various aircraft. After his family, Anthony's next love is aviation.

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